Just call me Semper

After all “Mr. Reformandum” is a little formal and could wear out your pinkies on the keyboard.

The name comes from what I thought was an old Latin tag “Reformatus est semper reformandum” which means more or less “reformed yet always needing reformation”. Funnily enough, this only seems to be a recent form of the expression of the idea and (according to better read people than myself) is hard to find in books ealier than the nineteenth c..

Well, I still like the idea. The reforming is not done by us but by the Holy Spirit working through the scriptures being clearly read and taught.

I reserve the right to go way off topic and post on important matters such as motorcycling, rugby, food, drink……..

3 thoughts on “Just call me Semper”

  1. hi, hope you r not blocked from sending to my tiscali address

    read the thing about death before fall and meat eating lions but what about the plants given to animals before fall for food etc, when did they become meat eaters?

    real reason for contact
    parable of talents is causing some issues here locally. is it really about playing the trumpet for jesus? it is a non-christian who has caused the stir and got us all thinking – your thoughts would be appreciated.

  2. Hi Sharon,

    Even Tiscali would not blacklist my incoming emails……. or would they?????

    I think the talents are ALL the things God has given you in this life. Those who love the Lord who gave them (i.e breath, energy, legs, relationships, brains etc..) will live for Him and put them to use for Him. Those who despise Him refuse to live for Him. If we refuse Jesus as Lord we refuse Him as Saviour as well. If we serve Him as Lord we find the reward is out of all proportion to the tiny service.

    Hope that helps.

    Love to Tim and all.

  3. Ooops. Reply 2:

    The plants are the base of the food chain. When the lion eats the antelope he is eating preprocessed grass.

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