Answer: No

But what about all the references in Paul to running the race, completing the course and fighting the fight?

Firstly, all these are to do with the activity of training, running, fighting. That is real participation.

The Olympics are an elite sport spectacle. They are about spectating, not doing. The technology of Jet Planes, worldwide TV transmission and sponsorship by global brands means a billion couch potatoes can watch a few thousand elite athletes reach extreme levels of competence, speed and endurance (with the help of absurdly expensive specialisation). Throughout the West the rise and rise of elite sport has coincided with a sedentary pacification of the populace.

The most successful Olympic nation is the USA. Which also leads the world in obesity and use of “labour-saving” (i.e. laziness promoting) devices, cars and homes which are heated or cooled using appalling amounts of fossil fuel.

A dozen pitches used by our community for football, rugby etc. were destroyed to make the Olympic park. A pretty parable of what the “Olympic Spirit” does to healthy sport.

This would be a longer post but I am about to spend some time shouting at some pixels dancing on a flat screen while some loudspeakers relay a fatuous commentary and crowd noise to my ears.

No, there is no Gospel in the Olympics. If you want to disagree please listen to (The Gospel and the Olympics) first.