“To Hell with good intentions”! What a great title for a talk to people intending to go on a short term mission programme!

The Bible challenges us to “consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds”. It is a matter which deserves considerable consideration. There is a law of unforeseen consequences. One fly of folly can undo a whole ointment jar full of well-intentioned actions.

Ivan Illich (google him) was a somewhat renegade Catholic priest who thought about these things more than most. He certainly considered how to do good himself as well as stir up others.

Here is a link to a searing little talk addressed to young American Catholics preparing to do short term mission work in Latin America in 1968.

It might be seen as discouraging but it may clear out some of the log-jams you have been facing in your own attempts at love and good deeds.