My dear friend Professor Haruna and his wife have been denied visas for a three week visit to the UK by morons working for the UK Government.

It is alleged they did not have enough funds for the visit even though the plane tickets had been booked, I had given proof of my financial means as a “sponsor” and we had jumped through various obstructive hoops which seem designed to keep Nigerians visiting Britain at all.

They were due to stop by in the UK for a holiday before he attended an academic conference in Cologne.

This decision was decided on paperwork alone without an interview by an agency to which the Borders Agency has “outsourced” the processing of visas. How very “New Labour”.

We all know there are tens of thousands of “illegals” in Britain who do not even bother to fill in all those complicated forms. How does denying entry to a respected academic help to solve that problem?

As my son said after moving back from Tokyo, “No one in Britain does their job properly”. And I would add “particularly our civil servants”.