The Voyage bus base in Abuja

Here is a new (and very good) way of travelling inter-city in Nigeria. Voyage stick to their schedules and have very well trained drivers and quality Chevrolet buses. I think they are 4wd. In any case, they are sturdy and comfortable and have air conditioning.

The prices are much cheaper than local airlines and they are much less hassle and more reliable to use. The premium over the inter-city taxis and so-called “luxury buses” is not so high and is well worth it for comfort, safety and reliability. You can only take one item of luggage since there is a relatively small boot and they are quite strict on this. My suitcase was fine though.

If you like Nollywood and “Super Story” movies then sit in the middle or back rows and you will be treated with one or two. I prefer the front seat with a much better view of Nigeria sailing past. The Air Con seems coldest there though and I even got a bit chilly.

The Maiduguri-Abuja run is excellent and there are a number of other routes covered already.

The Abuja office is tucked round the back of the block and the road is one way. Allow a few minutes to find it.

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