A neighbour of our church asked for prayer for a 2 year old niece who was seriously ill in hospital.  Some of us prayed and it seems she is healed.  We can not call it a miracle because she was receiving treatment at the same time.  It was certainly an abnormally quick recovery though.

The family are Moslems and were doubtless also praying but they credit the prayers of the church with being a crucial factor in the gift of healing.  We have now been asked to pray for another little family member.

Looking back over the years, we have seen a number of remarkable healings in response to prayer and I know some fellowships which would celebrate these much more than we do. and use them to “sell” the church and its message.

We do not dare to do this.  I even suspect that the Lord might not be able to trust us with such gifts in the future.  He is the Lord in these matters and I have never heard a completely satisfactory “theology” of healing which explains why some of these prayers are answered and others are not.  Let God do what is right in his own eyes.