There is going to be a Christian revival in London.  I have been thinking it for years but I wonder if God has a problem.  Every few months some nutty “prophet” – often from the USA – “Prophesies” that there will be a revival here.  How can God bless us if it will also authenticate a false prophet?

It is like that famous prophecy from John Wimber (deceased) that David Watson (deceased) would be miraculously cured of cancer (he wasn’t).  How could God answer prayer for healing after that?  Impressionable Christians would have canonized them as modern Apostles instantly.

The latest prophecy is from one of the pastors of Times Square Church, New York.  I can’t remember his name because the letter was instantly recycled.

May I make a request of all these self-appointed oracles? “PLEASE SHUT UP about London”.  Maybe then the Holy Spirit will bless us.