Lying under the drill today, I was playing the man and trying to show that it did not hurt at all.

While there, my thoughts turned to torture.

The project to provide a Christian rationale for war and oppression in the USA (and here in the Daily Telegraph – the NeoCons have hijacked my favourite paper) walks down the old sick road of defining “the lesser of two evils” and then turning that into a positive justification for evil.

As with the “Just War” so now moderate torture is now OK.

Experience shows that the torturer quickly regresses into going beyond official guidance just as “Just Warriors” in combat soon go beyond the decent limits which the intellectuals love to imagine.

“Do unto others as you would have them do to you”.

Which part of that sentence is too hard for our Christian friends in the moderate torture camp do you think? Perhaps they just lack imagination?

A few minutes in the dentist’s chair without anaesthetic might remind them what pain plus helplessness feels like.