Last night I watched “Don’t Get Me Started” a TV series of documentaries which allows people the freedom to express and argue a point of view without the need for “balance” which often leads to stilted and unsubstantial TV.

His case was that the left wing have become morally degenerate in their support and “understanding” of nutty Islamic fascists like Hezbollah, Hamas etc..

The case was well made and damning. The cynical far lefties (“We are all Hisbollah now”) have a long history of forming corrupt alliances with whomever is likely to subvert Capitalism.

My problem was with the refusal to admit a moral equivalence with the Terrorist State of Israel. He claimed that Hezbollah targeted civilians but Israeli warplanes did not and that difference of intention makes all the difference.

But why were planes bombing Power stations, infrastructure and civilian areas in Beirut and many other places north of the combat zone? Was it not an attempt to terrorise and intimidate the Lebanese? Shock and awe tactics look like terror tactics to most people.
In a struggle as long and brutal as that between the Jews and Arabs in the Middle East historical justifications of either side can be made by selectively editing the story of the past. Israel was founded on bloody terrorism and horrific things have been done in the occupied territories to support armed land-grabbers.

Aaronovitch mentioned “antisemitism” as though it were a higher evil than every other kind of racism. Some misled dispensationalists may still agree but he needs to understand that there is a new generation of Christians to whom the Holocaust is just another sad chapter of history and not a justification for Israeli inhumanity.

One of the saddest thing about the violent planting of Israel has been the way Arab Christians have had the ground cut under them by, first, Arab Nationalism and, now, Islamic fascism with the help of Jewish and Christian Zionists.

The Lord, the God of Israel, is being blasphemed by both sides in this godless struggle.