Christian people react with an instinctive disgust to abortion on demand and medical murder of the handicapped or terminally ill.

It is an offence to us because we see human life as valuable and the nearest thing on earth to the life of the eternal God. We rightly invoke the Bible teaching about mankind bearing the image of God.

But we have also adopted the silly slogan of the “Sanctity” of human life.

In other words, our reverence of the Holy God is to be reflected in our reverence for the holiness of human existence. God is holy therefore his image is also holy.

This is not a reasonable position since God does not treat us as holy. He has cursed us and laid burdens of grief, frustration and death upon us precisely because we have lost our essential holiness.

Humanity is unholy, unsanctified and lost.

Nevertheless, we are not without value. Christ has died to save the world and his sacrifice revalues us all. Everyone deserves respect and no one is to be despised. The redeemer has placed a value on every scrap of humanity including the unborn child.

Where there is faith in Christ there is a sanctity which comes as a gift from God. Believers in Jesus are often called “saints” in the New Testament – even where their behaviour falls far short of their new designation.

Right wing campaigners seem to believe in the sanctity of unborn Western lives and that adult Middle Eastern lives are unholy and cheap. Would it not be better to say that all human life is valuable and not to be wasted?

It may be necessary to kill in some extreme circumstances but killing the unborn for economic or social reasons is as shameful as waging war for such low purposes.