Further to my last post, it is now Tuesday and we are no further forward. Both BT and Tiscali have made calls from “customer service representatives”. Tiscali told my wife that they would be a few days solving the problem. It is as if they only started on the issue after my threat to leave. A BT rep rang to ask if I was “happy” with the way the problem had been resolved. I told him I was not happy, it was not resolved and by the way my dial-up connection which I was using was slow and erratic. After telling him this twice he then asked whether I was talking about broadband or dial-up, because broadband was not BT’s responsibility. I asked him to pay attention and he put the phone down.

This is what happens when people have work targets related to activity rather than results.
Today I rang Tiscali’s disconnection number – yes it is a national rate number! After an expensive quarter hour I got through to a rep who asked me to call back later because their computer system was “down”. I insisted he made a note of my phone number with pencil and paper and tell the management that this customer was going.