Karl Barth was made heart sick by the almost unanimous backing given by senior German theologians to the Kaiser’s War. At that moment he saw the great Liberal Theology project as morally bankrupt.

I felt similar reading an article in Evangelicals Now by Erroll Hulse at the time of the second Gulf War in 2003. It showed the bankruptcy of the Reformed Baptists of England. It did not make me doubt the tenets of the Reformed faith but rather the judgement of my brothers. Hulse gave a charicatured version of the second world war, declared Saddam to be a new Hitler and urged us all back the Bush/Blair war which was already looking sick.

I wrote a letter of protest to the editor – expecting it to be part of an avalanche of protest. Next month there was not even the mildest questioning of the travesty on the letters page. It seems that warmongering based on perverted history is just fine for us Evangelicals. The two million who walked the streets protesting that year were wiser than a man supposed to be a “teacher in Israel”. By contrast any article about different theories of creation, christian “singles” or hymnology seems to stir the letter writers to action.

Four years later and I am still angry. Myths are being peddled about the second world war by people who want us to see the Moslem or Arab world as the new Third Reich which must be crushed.

Here is a good article reminding us of a few truths about that conflict – Click this link.

As for the wider issue of a spiritual sickness and a love of war and authoritarianism in apparently bible -based churches – well that is a big issue and I may nibble at it from time to time.