The Daily Lighthouse Videos


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Since the lock-down began I have been posting a daily video meditation on YouTube and these are now being organised into playlists. Here they are:



Looking to God

Waiting on God

What is God doing in this crisis?

The Church in Lockdown

Living Hopefully

Stop Bible Abuse

Meditations on Progress

Facing Evil

City Life 

Inheriting the Kingdom

The Spoken Word

Presentations about money

These are “Prezi” presentations from two sessions on money at the Lighthouse. The latest is
Minding Money clipMoney

For people who asked – Here is the link to the first “Using Money” presentation.prezimoney2

And here is the “What is Money?” presentation


The Apocalypse factory gets under way.

My sincere thanks to volunteer readers and commentators for helping prepare my book on the Revelation of John. The provisional title is “The Revelation for normal Christians”. There is a dedicated page on this blog and it will be updated with book chapters and visual aids on a frequent basis.

If this book ever gets published any proceeds from the hard copy will go to the Lighthouse Baptist Church.

Something for later

If you should feel the need to write a glowing poem
Please desist, take some tea, reflect on where I’m going.

You will not hear my laughter, light upon the breeze.
My smile is not in sunshine nor movement in the trees.

An inert body fresh interred means my voice cannot be heard
And no trite piece of rhyme should ease your loss nor mine.

Agree with me to shun – eschew – the syrup-sickly lies
Contract our pact to face – embrace – everybody dies.

The hope my body rests in is divine, creative Word
Let the tired cliches rest. like me. in peace.


Thank you, Brother Ivo

Usually I feel weary reading “Christian” comment on current affairs and I realise we are not in an age of wise christian reflection. Even the “Cranmer” blog has become dull and sometimes small minded but recently he adopted a new colleague “Brother Ivo” who sometimes shares enlightening gospel glimpses. Check this link and see if you find it helpful.